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Comfort Gut Special

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Comfort Gut Special - Reduced Mess Formula 

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Comfort Gut is a drug free supplement suitable for all types of horses and is legal/safe for racehorses and international horses who are subject FEI. Use Comfort Gut is for wind sucking, weight gain & condition, behaviour problems & as a calmer, haylage related problems, fussy eaters, bloating and many more issues!

100% Steam Activated Carbon

**Special Note**
If your horse/pony is on any prescribed medications, please consult your vet before feeding Comfort Gut

** Disclaimer**
DO NOT give Comfort Gut to horses that have previously experienced and/or continue to experience constipation problems

1kg lasts the average horse a month, a pony 6 weeks
Shipping - Large Flat Rate Box will be needed to ship this tub.