Horse Holster

Horse Holster - cell phone holder designed for Horseback riding and other activities

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6.75"L x 3.75"W x .75"D
Big or small, it fits them all!
Fits any and all phone/case combos, plus room for other items!

Special Features:
- Removable leg strap! Fits on legs & belts!

- Upgraded no slip strap with 2 removable clips included! Clip to pocket, belt, waistband, or belt loop for added support!
- Zipper pocket for keys, money, ID, etc.

2 Leg Sizes for Strap: *sizes vary per person 
*Leg strap is elastic and will gain 1" to 2" after being worn.
- All leg straps are 2"W
- Thighs 16" to 24" (~pants size 0-8)
- Thighs 24" to 32" (~pants size 8+)

*Longer leg strap will still fit thighs as small as 22"

Material: Flexible, water resistant neoprene; leg strap includes elastic

The Horse Holster keeps necessary items on 'you' while you ride, jog, shop, etc. Fits any size phone, your ID, money, keys, even an EpiPen if needed!! Made out of flexible water resistant neoprene; leg strap includes elastic. Can be worn on Leg, Arm or Belt Loops! Available in 2 Strap sizes and assorted colors!!

Don't have a horse? The Horse Holster can also be worn anywhere and for any reason, shopping, travelling, on your motorcycle/ATV, walking/hiking, concerts, or anywhere you don't want to carry a purse!
What you can carry in the Horse Holster:
-Cell phone
- Keys
- Money
- Debit/credit card
- Identification
- Medicine (Diabetes, Epi Pen, Inhaler, etc.) 
- and more!

Colors Available: Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Bright Blue, Teal, Blaze Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Bright Green

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