Horses for Sale

We welcome all Canadian horse breeders/sellers to list your ranch within our Rodeo Barn Online Multi-Vendor MarketPlace. Ranch listings currently are free and horses sold through your page on the online marketplace is 2% on listing price. (example - horse for sale listed & sold for $1000, marketplace fee would be $20.  Please include the following in your ads: Horse description, price and location. (pic size requirement - no bigger than 1024 px wide x 1024 px high).

PLEASE NOTE - Please contact admin before listing horses for sale on your ranch page, as the commission will need to be adjusted for your ranch page ads.

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Please note - Rodeo Barn is not responsible for the horses posted that we do not own and we can not verify the integrity of the ads posted, so please keep that in mind when inquiring on horses posted. Here is a direct link to our Terms & Conditions for using our advertising service and website.